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Nano zinc oxide character

Antibacterial, antifungal, mites, antiviral--Antibacterial fiber and fabric refers to the fiber or fabric which could kill or inhibit bacteria, fungi and viruses and other microorganisms. Its aim was not only for preventing the textiles from microbial contamination and damage. More importantly to prevent infectious diseases to ensure that human health and comfort.Reduce cross-infection rates in public environment to make textiles acquire new function of health care.


UV protection, anti-electromagnetic radiation - Through continuous exploration and innovation, the company used nano-zinc oxide to develop UV fiber masterbatch. UPF values reached 528 after treatment. Without changing the original basis of textile technology, offering the strong superior UV resistance of textile which both protect human health and the fabric had anti-aging and anti-leg color effect. Under the premise to ensure that people wear clothing with health, but also improved the life of textiles.


Infrared therapy, anion health-- Infrared was a ray of sunlight which was the most capable of deep skin and subcutaneous tissue. It could make the water molecules activated, improve the body's oxygen content, improve blood circulation system, promote metabolism and balance the body's PH..


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